Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, made an announcement earlier on this year in which he unveiled significant funding boosts were planned for their security and law enforcement agencies.

It was said that the increased funding was an investment to strengthen both the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the Australian Federal Police’s (AFP) capability to fight against emerging threats and technologies. The government’s new federal budget equips the AFP with an additional $512 million and an extra $58 million to the ASIO.

It’s been reported that the AFP is watching eight times the number people it considers of interest than it was five years ago. This is due to the persistent terror threat against Australia (and the rest of the world), as well as the unwavering and ever-increasing cyber threats. This 2019-2020 budget will enable security agencies to devote increased resources to monitoring new people of interest and the risks that they may pose, as well as people previously convicted and released.

The boost in funds will also heighten Australia’s capability to combat threats offshore, as well as providing new and improved technology to their security and law enforcement agencies, helping them overcome any challenges the digital era may pose.

Defences against cybercrime will be reinforced across the board for Australia. For example, one of the new capabilities gained as a result of the new budget, will be new anti-drone solutions. The AFP will be provided with the equipment and knowhow needed to combat this emerging threat. Specifics regarding the equipment hasn’t been revealed, just that it will be both hardware and software systems.

In conjunction with the cyber security improvements that will be introduced as a result of the increased funding, it will also allow a variety of other improvements, such as increased and improved staff training and acquisition.