At least one Chinese tracking device was discovered inside a UK government car during a bug sweep of government vehicles.

The tracker, which contained a SIM card capable of transmitting location data, was found inside a sealed part that had been imported from China. This revelation has caused serious concerns among senior MPs as there are more and more calls for China to be treated as an official threat and for goods that have been manufactured in China to be treated with more care as they could contain bugs.

Chinese Tracking Device in UK Gov Car

Security sources have said that Chinese car part manufacturers are using sealed parts to smuggle tracking devices into the cars which are used to transport diplomats and senior government officials, including ministers.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the former conservative leader and foreign secretary, said ‘I don’t know how much more the UK needs to know about the threat China poses to us all’ he then added that ‘Surely it is time to change the integrated review and refer to China as a systematic threat.’

This discovery highlights the importance that TSCM inspections have in the security sector and the ever-developing threat of eavesdropping devices. This threat exists in both commercial and government sectors and clearly consists of eavesdropping attacks in both vehicles and buildings, however as the world’s largest and most advanced counter eavesdropping company QCC provide multiple services which includes the inspections of all types of buildings and vehicles.