Hawkeye V2 Video Borescope

The Hawkeye V2 is a video borescope with a large 5 in LCD screen and easy to use intuitive controls. With a bright, high resolution camera that provides clear, sharp videos and photos, the Hawkeye V2 is perfect for a range of demanding inspection applications.

The large display has mirror image capability and with it’s 2X zoom function, provides detailed close-up views. The Hawkeye V2 has an articulation range of +/-150 deg thanks to the new and improved articulation mechanism.

The Hawkeye V2 video borescope has a rugged insertion tube with a 4-layer construction. The tube has an abrasion resistant outside layer of Tungsten that’s urethane impregnated to allow for smoother insertions and an inner layer of stainless steel to provide crush resistance.

Available in diameters of 4mm and 6mm and lengths of 1.5m, 3.0m and 6.0m, the Hawkeye V2 videoscope enables operators to inspect a wide variety of hard to access areas.

Please Note: QCC Global Ltd only supplies accredited TSCM training services to Government, Military, Law Enforcement, CPNI & Commercial Partnership clients.

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Hawkeye V2 Specifications


  • Model No.
    • V2D 060-3000 4
  • Diameter
    • 6.0 mm
  • Length
    • 3.0 meters
  • Sheath
    • 2 mil Tungsten Braid
    • Durable 4-layer construction

Power Supply

  • Power
    • DC 5v
  • Battery
    • 2.5 hour run time
    • Rechargeable Lithium


  • Articulation
    • 150° Up/Down
    • 150° Right/Left
  • Field-of-View
    • 70° Diagonal
  • Depth-of-Field
    • 15 mm – ∞
  • Depth-of-Field w/ CF Tip
    • 4 mm – 22 mm
  • Direction-of-View
    • 0°, 90° with optional Prism Tip
  • Illumination
    • Detachable Micro LED with intensity adjustment
  • Resolution
    • 400 x 400 CMOS


  • Display
    • 5″ TFT LCD
  • Recording Media
    • SD Card (up to 2 GB)
  • Digital Photo Format
    • JPEG (640 x 480)
  • Video Format
    • ASF (640 x 480)
    • Playback with Windows Media Player
  • Interfaces
    • Mini USB 1.1 and AV/out


  • Operating Temp. Range -10°C to +80°C
  • Storage Temp. Range     -30°C to +60°C