Surprised at how easy it had been for the paperazzi to track him, England Captain John Terry requested a search of his car. The inspection revealed the presence of a tracking device attached to his Range Rover.

Chelsea defender John Terry (30) was in court in June 2011 , charged with speeding when the story came to light. He had been driving fast to avoid a chasing pack of photographers when the police stopped him for driving at over 70mph on a 50mph limit section of the A3 in Surrey.

After numerous incidents of being chased by photographers he was baffled by the ease with which they were able to turn up everywhere he went. The true reason was revealed when a small transponder was found to have been taped to the underside of his £40,000 4×4 vehicle, presumeably by one of the paperazzi who followed him.

Terry is also one of the celebrities who has had his phone hacked said Nick Freeman, his lawyer. Terry was given a smaller than usual fine due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding this case.