When a South London businessman found a package taped to his car’s petrol tank, he called in the authorities. Police, Bomb Squad, Fire Brigade and Ambulance personnel all converged on a supermarket car park in Sutton and blocked off the surrounding streets while they investigated.

The package turned out to be nothing more dangerous than a radio tracker placed on the car by a private detective. He had been hired by the car owner’s wife who suspected her husband of infidelity.

When Diletta Bianchini became suspiscious that her husband William Sachiti was having an affair, she had called in an investigator to keep tabs on him. The investigator covertly attached a magnetised tracker, roughly the size of a cigarette packet, to the petrol tank of the family Lexus.

Mr Sachiti, who once appeared on the BBC’s ‘Dragon’s Den’ programme was in Morrison’s car park when he spotted the suspicious package and made the phone call that led to a full scale bomb scare which closed off Sutton High Street and the surrounding area.

There is as yet no news regarding what further action might be taken by, or against any of the parties involved, but Diletta Bianchini has been quoted as saying “I’m just so sorry it happened. It was a huge mistake and I was out of my mind.”