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State of Emergency Announced After Ransomware Attack

16 January, 2020
New Orleans Crippled By Ransomware Attack

A press conference was called by the Mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, at the end of last year to declare a state of emergency following a major ransomware attack on the city. At the press conference, the city’s Mayor stated that ransomware had been detected but no ransom demands had been made at that […]

Another Google Home and Amazon Alexa Vulnerability

10 January, 2020
Google home vulnerability

A vulnerability affecting both Amazon and Googles smart speakers was disclosed by security researchers from SRLabs that enables attackers to turn unsuspecting users’ smart speakers into eavesdropping or phishing tools. The researchers were able to make the smart speakers ask users for their google account password or even silently record users. They were able to […]

We’re Exhibiting at ASIS Europe 2020!

2 January, 2020
ASIS Euro 2020

We’re excited to be exhibiting at ASIS Europe again this year, 2020! Look out for us between 1-3 of April in Prague! ASIS Europe 2020 – From Risk to Resilience, 1-3 April, Prague, CZ, is a unique gathering designed for established and aspiring security leaders, expert advisors, and innovators in security and risk management. The […]

Hedge Funds Eavesdrop on Bank of England Press Conferences

19 December, 2019
Eavesdrop on Bank of England

According to inquiries and a report by The Times, the Bank of England has admitted that their press conferences have been eavesdropped on by hedge funds before they’ve been publicly broadcasted. According to the bank, an audio feed that was put in place as a backup to the video broadcast, in the event of a […]

Police Departments Partner with Ring, to Request Video Footage from Cameras

13 December, 2019
Police watching your ring camera

It’s been reported recently that more than 400 police departments in the United States have formed video-sharing partnerships with the Amazon owned doorbell-camera company, Ring. Granting the police departments possible access to ring customers camera footage is a key part of the company’s latest initiative to create a ‘new neighbourhood watch’. Ring was purchased by […]

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM): The Threat Process & Countermeasures Workshop

5 December, 2019
TSCM Singapore Workshop

QCC’s Technical Director, Jason Dibley, is delivering a workshop at the Orchard Hotel, Singapore over the 16th & 17th of January next year (2020). The workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of what’s involved with Technical surveillance Countermeasures and why it’s needed.

iPhone Cameras Can Be Activated in the Background by Facebook App

28 November, 2019

Earlier this month it was reported by concerned users that whilst scrolling through Facebooks app, their iPhones cameras were turned on in the background. Brought to light by multiple posts on twitter, Facebook’s iPhone app contained a bug that whilst users were looking at photos or watching videos, their cameras were activated in the background. […]

In-room Robots Used to Spy on Hotel Guests

21 November, 2019
Smart Robot Assistant On Reception

Japanese hotel chain, Henn na, has been forced to issue an apology after a major security flaw was discovered with their in-roomrobots by a security researcher. The chains parent company, HIS Group, owns several locations across Japan that all use robots to carry out various tasks in the hotel. The robots are primarily used for […]

Researchers Control Siri, Alexa and Google Home with Lasers

14 November, 2019
Using lasers to control google home siri alexa

A report was published last week by a group of researchers who were able to use lasers to control the three biggest smart assistants, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. The devices received inaudible, sometimes invisible, commands from the lasers. The researchers were able to send commands such as asking the smart assistants to unlock doors […]

Defence Contractor Uses Photographic Memory to Share UK State Secrets

31 October, 2019
Defence Contractor Share UK State Secrets

British defence contractor, Simon Finch, claimed he had passed on top-secret military information to foreign governments and was charged under the official secrets act. Finch worked for BAE systems and described himself as ‘someone who works upon classified systems’ and added that he is ‘somewhat autistic and [has] a near-photographic memory’. He claimed that he […]