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$1 Billion Trade Secret Stolen

30 July, 2020

At the end of May this year, the FBI released more details pertaining to a $1 billion trade secret theft case after an ex-employee plead guilty in November of 2019. The FBI also emphasised the need for companies to report suspected crimes such as the theft of trade secrets. The ex-employee was named as Hongjin […]

UK 5G Networks to be Free of Huawei by 2027

23 July, 2020
huawei 5g kit banned

Earlier this month, it was announced by the UK government all Huawei products would be completely remove from the UK 5G network infrastructure by the end of 2027. The announcement came after the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) produced new advice regarding the impact of sanctions placed against the telecommunications giant by the US. US […]

Encrypted Communication Network Infiltrated

16 July, 2020
Encrochat Infiltrated

More than 700 suspects have been arrested by UK police, along with the seizure of more than two tonnes of drugs and £54m in cash as part of what’s been described as the “biggest and most significant” operation in the UK against organised crime. It’s been reported that among those arrested are top ranking members […]

Cyber-Attack Against UK Energy Administrator

9 July, 2020
UK Power Administrator Hacked

Earlier in the year, Britain’s energy system was targeted by a cyber-attack with the attacker’s focus being on the IT infrastructure needed to run the electricity market. Reportedly, the vital systems behind governing the electricity market were not affected. Elexon is the electricity systems administrator and the victim of said cyber-attack. Electricity generated by energy […]

Chinese Military Hackers Charged Over Data Breach

2 July, 2020
Chinese Hackers

Earlier this year, four members of the Chinese military were charged in connection to a data breach dating back to 2017, in which 145 million Americans had their personal data stolen. The charges brought against the hackers accused them of stealing personal, sensitive information regarding US residents after hacking into Equifax’s computer networks and sustaining […]

Commercial Espionage Company Behind Phishing Attacks

25 June, 2020
phishing attacks

Security researchers from Citizen Lab, a think tank based out of the University of Toronto, have linked several cases of corporate espionage cyber attacks to a cyber security company in India. This cybersecurity company is said to be run by a man wanted by the FBI. Citizen Lab’s researchers have been investigating a criminal ‘hack […]

The 5G USB Stick Scam

19 June, 2020

Earlier this year, a USB stick with wild claims went viral and now trading standards are investigating alongside the City of London Police’s Action Fraud Squad. The company behind selling the USB sticks(5GBioShield), claim that it protects the user from the alleged, unproven negative affects that conspiracy theorists claim 5G causes. London Trading Standards’ operation […]

Spyware Company Involved in WhatsApp Attacks

11 June, 2020
WhatsApp attacks

In recent court filings, WhatsApp alleged that the NSO Group, an Israeli based spyware company, was ‘deeply involved’ in 1,400 mobile phone hacks that were carried out against WhatsApp users, including journalists, human rights activists, and senior government officials. The NSO Group is a cyber-intelligence company whose tools are used by governments around the world. […]

Billionaire Businessman Bugged by Nephew

28 May, 2020
Sir Barclay Spied on

A story broke earlier this month alleging that the nephew of Sir Frederick Barclay, Alistair Barclay, was caught on CCTV ‘handling a bugging device’ at the Ritz hotel in London. The CCTV footage is now at the centre of a large legal battle between the families of the billionaire Barclay twins. Sir David Barclay’s sons […]

Chinese Hackers Become More Aggressive

21 May, 2020
Chinese hacking on the rise

Last month a US cyber security firm, FireEye, said they had seen a disconcerting spike in activity from what looks like a Chinese hacking group. The group in question is known as APT41, a prolific hacking group from China, who as well as deploying financially motivated attacks, also perform acts of state-sponsored espionage as contractors […]