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Billionaire Businessman Bugged by Nephew

28 May, 2020
Sir Barclay Spied on

A story broke earlier this month alleging that the nephew of Sir Frederick Barclay, Alistair Barclay, was caught on CCTV ‘handling a bugging device’ at the Ritz hotel in London. The CCTV footage is now at the centre of a large legal battle between the families of the billionaire Barclay twins. Sir David Barclay’s sons […]

Chinese Hackers Become More Aggressive

21 May, 2020
Chinese hacking on the rise

Last month a US cyber security firm, FireEye, said they had seen a disconcerting spike in activity from what looks like a Chinese hacking group. The group in question is known as APT41, a prolific hacking group from China, who as well as deploying financially motivated attacks, also perform acts of state-sponsored espionage as contractors […]

Hackers Send out Fake Gift Cards with Infected USB Drives

14 May, 2020
BadUSB attacks

Recently, a warning was released to businesses from the FBI regarding a new ploy being used by the FIN7 gang (also known as the Navigator Group and the Carbanak Group). More than $1 billion in fraud has already been tied to the gang, most of which was taken through using malware to infect point-of-sale devices […]

The CIA Owned Encryption Company

7 May, 2020

The Washington Post released a report earlier in the year involving the CIA, the BND and a Swiss crypto company – it was described as the Intelligence Coup of the Century. The report reveals that US and German intelligence owned a Swiss company that once sold secure encryption products that were thought to be amongst […]

Should You be using Zoom?

29 April, 2020
is zoom safe to use

Due to social distancing measures put in place by governments around the world to help combat the current global pandemic, the use of video calling platforms has risen dramatically. US company, Zoom, is one of these platforms that has seen a huge spike in its user base. Zoom has been widely adopted across the world […]

Barclays Use Intrusive Monitoring Software on Employees

2 April, 2020

Earlier this year, Barclays found themselves under fire regarding a staff monitoring scheme that they had been trialling. The scheme involved tracking software on employees’ machines to log the length of time they spent at their desks, resulting in warnings being sent if they took extended breaks. Barclays had been running this as a pilot […]

Don’t let COVID-19 Take Your Eye off Information Security

26 March, 2020
COVID-19 Security

In reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies are taking government advice and asking employees to work from home where possible to help slow the spread of the virus. This is an excellent plan, but it does mean that the home office security then comes into focus for the would-be eavesdropper or information thief. In […]

UK Retailer’s Loyalty Scheme Suffers Cyber-Attack

12 March, 2020
People walking in front of the Boots pharmacy in London

The UK health and beauty retailer, Boots, has suspended all payments using their loyalty card points both online and in store after unauthorised attempts had been made to enter customers’ accounts using stolen passwords. Boots have said that customers won’t be able to use the points on their Boots Advantage Card while they deal with […]

Partner Caught Cheating after Late Night Activity Spike on Fitbit

5 March, 2020
Cheater caught out by fitbit

A story broke late last year highlighting the importance of being aware of what your smart devices are tracking, and when they’re tracking you. In this instant, it resulted in a cheating partner being caught out, however there’s many other malicious use case scenarios for smart device tracking/monitoring. In this particular case, a couple had […]

Ring Employees Fired for Watching Users Camera Footage

27 February, 2020
Ring employees watch customer footage

In a letter to US Senators, Ring stated that users’ video data had been accessed improperly by some of its employees and that these employees had now been let go. Ring is a home security company owned by Amazon. The abuse of private data being accessed by employees of tech companies is a rising issue, […]