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Is WhatsApp Safe to Use After New Vulnerabilities Are Discovered?

14 May, 2019

It’s been confirmed this week that a group of hackers were able to successfully install surveillance software on mobile phones remotely by exploiting a major vulnerability in the Facebook owned messaging service, WhatsApp. WhatsApp have said that the cyber-attack was coordinated by an advanced cyber actor and that it targeted a select number of users. […]

Did Assange use the Ecuadorian Embassy to Spy?

19 April, 2019
ecuador spying

According to the President of Ecuador, the Ecuadorian embassy in London has been used by Julian Assange (co-founder of WikiLeaks) as a centre for spying and his political asylum was revoked, ending what was a stay of seven years inside the embassy. The Ecuadorian President, Lenín Moreno, has stated that it was a sovereign decision […]

Are Amazon Employees Listening to You?

17 April, 2019
is amazon listening

It was reported last week, that it is isn’t just the Alexa AI that’s listening to you when you give your Amazon Echo device a command, but in fact an Amazon employee may be listening to what you’re saying. At first you may not be overly concerned by an employee, whose job is to better […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s Private Meeting Bugged

15 April, 2019
jeremy corbyn bugged

Sunday the 14th April, The Sunday Times released a recording of a partial, private, conversation between the Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn and Dame Margaret Hodge. Dame Margaret Hodge is the MP for Barking, and a member of the Labour party. The Dame secretly recorded her conversation with the party leader in what she described […]

Why do you think she was carrying the infected memory stick?

4 April, 2019

An Asian woman was found attempting to gain access to the Trump owned Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida while allegedly carrying an infected memory stick containing malware. The incident took place on the last weekend of March this year, 2019. Although Donald Trump has been spending time at the resort, when the woman arrived […]

ASIS Europe 2020 Dates!

3 April, 2019

We’d like to say a massive thanks to all the ASIS members who came to ASIS Europe 2019 and made this year one of the best. The event this year broke records by being the largest European ASIS event to date! We’re looking forward to next years event which has been confirmed to be 1st […]

Do you check your Microphones off?

13 March, 2019
Lavalier Microphone

During a recent BBC news show, a technical blunder has showcased the importance of treating any microphone as live. It doesn’t matter whether you believe a microphone is active or not, it’s best practise to always treat them as live. In the news show, the presenters are in the field interviewing various people. While one […]

Are You on Top of Your BYOD Security?

14 February, 2019
Bring Your Own Device Security

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can be a great asset to a business but if it’s not implemented correctly, it can present an abundance of security issues. When implementing BYOD, security can be a challenge so it’s important to be prepared and have robust policies in place. It can be difficult to exercise a form […]

We’re Exhibiting at ASIS Europe 2019!

25 January, 2019

We’re excited to be exhibiting at ASIS Europe 2019 this year! Look out for us between 27-29 of March in Rotterdam! ASIS Europe provides an established platform for education and business exchange. The event addresses the key trends and issues facing professionals in the region dealing with physical and cyber security, risk, compliance, investigations, crisis management, safety and disaster response.

Could Blackberry Framework Help to Ease IoT Security Concerns?

14 January, 2019
Internet of Things Security

According to a survey unveiled by BlackBerry at CES 2019, when looking for smart devices, consumers consider security the key determining factor when making a purchase decision. A huge 80% of participants admitted that they didn’t trust their current IoT (Internet of Things) devices to preserve the integrity of their data. With the rise of […]