US Secret Service Sex Scandal

March 14th, 2016|

There is no suggestion as yet of a Mata Hari like spy figure, using her womanly wiles in order to steal secrets, but the very fact that United States agents opened themselves to such a possibility has already led to the resignation of one, early retirement of another …read more

US unveils long term strategy

February 28th, 2016|

The US Government has signaled how it will deal with business data theft by foreign companies in future. It intends to ‘hit them where it matters’; in the pockets of the very organisations who are profiting from corporate espionage.

In future, when Washington feels enough evidence exists that products …read more

Soviet Spies Bugged World’s First Electronic Typewriters

February 12th, 2016|

Keystroke loggers, which secretly record key presses on a computer keyboard, are today’s criminals tool of choice for stealing passwords, credit card details and other secrets. However, keystroke loggers are not an invention of the internet age. In fact, it has been revealed that the world’s most successful …read more

John Terry’s car bugged by paperazzi

January 19th, 2016|

Surprised at how easy it had been for the paperazzi to track him, England Captain John Terry requested a search of his car. The inspection revealed the presence of a tracking device attached to his Range Rover.

Chelsea defender John Terry (30) was in court in June 2011 , …read more

Could a £15 spypen destroy a major international lawsuit?

December 10th, 2015|

After 16-years of legal wrangling it appears that a major Ecuadorian contamination lawsuit against oil giant Chevron may be on the point of collapse.

Just months before the case was scheduled to conclude,  Chevron have posted video footage on their website which they say shows evidence of Ecuadorian officials connected …read more

McAfee highlights trends in risky apps

November 17th, 2015|

McAfee have released a 12 page document highlighting trends in specific areas of data security. These areas are: spyware, mobile phone hacking and the growing number of apps which compromise the security of computers, tablets and phones.

The report paints a picture of high threat levels combined with low …read more

Husband Spies on Wife

October 19th, 2014|

Multi-millionaire Dr Martin Coward is sueing his estranged wife Elena Ambrosiadou for spying and harassment.

The super-rich couple who co-founded the Ikos hedge fund split in April 2009 and have since alledgedly launched a total of 58 legal actions against each other. In the latest one, Dr Coward claims …read more

Fawlty Towers, KGB style

July 30th, 2014|

Ever had the feeling that you were being spied on? If you visited Estonia before 1991 it is almost guaranteed that you were.

Estonia’s largest hotel, The Sokos Hotel Viru in Tallin, has 23 floors.
However, the creaky old elevator only goes as far as the 22nd. During the Soviet …read more

Marital mistrust sparks bomb scare

May 5th, 2014|

When a South London businessman found a package taped to his car’s petrol tank, he called in the authorities. Police, Bomb Squad, Fire Brigade and Ambulance personnel all converged on a supermarket car park in Sutton and blocked off the surrounding streets while they investigated.

The package turned out …read more

Monarch Bugged

June 2nd, 2013|

British Government papers reveal MI5 spied on their own Monarch.

According to official documents released this month, The current Queen’s uncle King Edward VIII was spied on by his own government during the constitutional crisis of 1936.

Documents from the Cabinet Office archives show that In November of that year …read more