If you’re the proud owner of a classic car you’ve probably spent a lot of hard-earned money on your pride and joy, you’re finally able to own the car of your dreams, or maybe you’ve spent many hours restoring it to its former glory, the last thing you want to think about is it being stolen from you. Unfortunately, however, there’s a rising demand for classic cars from people who aren’t concerned about how they’re acquired.

Overseas, classic cars are in high demand, a contributing factor in the rising value of these cars. As the values rise, criminal gangs are becoming more attracted to these classic cars. Gangs are stealing these cars and shipping them off to markets abroad to make large profits. Not only are they being stolen to be sold on abroad, but they are often broken down for parts and just sold on as spares to other collectors.


Classic cars are more vulnerable than modern day vehicles due to the lack of factory fitted security features that can be seen on more modern vehicles and thieves are taking full advantage of this. Although vehicle theft overall has fallen over the past 50 years, the theft of classic cars in the UK is increasing.

In an attempt to help protect their classic cars, or to aid the recovery process if the worst happens, owners are fitting their vehicles with tracking devices. But it isn’t just the owners of these cars that are using tracking devices, the thieves are too.

Many classic car owners take their cars to shows. The cars are parked up and put on display for anyone to come and admire. Thieves are making the most of the cars being out in the open by placing tracking devices on them whilst at these shows. From these tracking devices they can determine exactly where the cars are being stored, invaluable information when stealing these cars.

In order to find these devices, specialist equipment is needed. To find out how QCC can assist you and your classic car, please contact us today.