International TSCM Counter Surveillance Services

QCC Global is a leading TSCM company providing international counter espionage and counter surveillance services.

We protect information, assets and intelligence from hostile surveillance. We keep secrets safe, communications confidential and reputations intact.

Our highly experienced teams operate globally wherever TSCM, bug sweeping and counter espionage services are required. Our teams:

  • Work discreetly, swiftly and effectively.
  • Use the latest counter surveillance tools and techniques.
  • Detect, locate and eliminate both active and passive bugs.
  • Counter threats from the most sophisticated eavesdropping and tracking devices.

We can respond to a single instance of illicit surveillance. We also provide a proactive approach to maintaining long-term security. Working with clients we create a programme of regular TSCM sweeps and help implement appropriate policies and procedures. Our counter surveillance strategies enhance your protection against internal and external threats.

Our clients include:

  • Governments
  • Embassies
  • Defense departments
  • Financial sector
  • Electronics sector
  • Aerospace companies
  • Mining sector
  • Pharmaceutical sector

We also provide bug sweeping services for VIPs and celebrities.

“Understaffed TSCM teams not performing a physical search and with no active GSM detection capability will only cover 10% of the technical surveillance threat. A QCC sweep aims to cover 100%"

Jason Dibley, Technical Director, QCC Global

Searchlight GSM bug detection

An effective and accurate solution to the mobile phone (GSM) eavesdropping threat.

SearchLight GSM Bug Detector


SearchLight is cutting edge GSM bug detection technology providing an effective, efficient and easy to use means of dealing with GSM bugs. It out performs traditional TSCM radio receivers in being able to differentiate between unauthorised GSM bugs and legitimate mobile phones in use nearby.

Read more about Searchlight

Incident Response - Act Now

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If you suspect that you are under surveillance.

1. Cease all sensitive communications.
2. Remove yourself from the target area.
3. Call our 24 hour incident response line from a safe phone +44 (0)207 205 2100

Act now...

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

professional tscm inspections for electronic bugging devices

Our TSCM services counter the threats from traditional, modern and emerging surveillance devices.

Our highly skilled teams deliver TSCM sweeps around the world creating safe and secure environments in which to conduct business. Our TSCM inspections lead the way in industry best practice. They are effective in detecting and removing all forms of active and passive bugging devices.
More about our TSCM Services

Counter Espionage Service

We are experienced counter espionage specialists with a proven track record in identifying and mitigating threats to the security of sensitive and valuable information.

We have worked with a wide range of clients and business sectors throughout the world delivering corporate espionage strategies that provide the highest levels of information protection.

Our Counter Espionage Service

Sports Privacy Services

Sports Professional Privacy Services

Sport is big business and high profile sports men and women are under constant scrutiny. QCC's Sports Professional Privacy Services help you to keep unwanted intrusion to a minimum and to recover the private live that is everyone's right, including yours!

Our Sports Privacy Services

High Net Worth Individuals

personal privacy protection

As a high level company executive, celebrity or high net worth individual, your privacy is important no matter where you are. Our TSCM sweeps cover business and residential sites as well as executive vehicles including yachts, private planes and executive vehicles.

Our professional bug sweeping inspections and risk assessments will unveil any threats posed by covert surveillance devices.

More about High Net Worth Individuals

Specialist Vehicle Search

specialist vehicle searches

As part of our security inspection service for company executives and high net worth individuals, we offer an extended service for executive vehicles. We conduct specialist TSCM sweeps of yachts, executive cars, limousines and executive jets to identify threats from eavesdropping and tracking devices.

We have completed increasing numbers of counter surveillance inspections and physical security reviews globally of private and company vehicles.

Our Specialist Vehicle Searches

Physical Security Review

physical security review

To complement our TSCM inspections we inspect and report on all aspects of physical security of offices and premises. This includes a thorough examination and assessment of locks, access control, CCTV, waste management, executive transportation and asset protection. We then work with you to help implement recommended security improvements.

Our Physical Security Reviews

Tiger Testing Services

tiger testing service

Tiger Testing is a special type of vulnerability test that originated in the United States Air Force who use it to test air base defences.

Commercial Tiger Tests are beneficial to companies and organisations to highlight true physical, procedural or technical vulnerability and are especially useful in the maintenance of particularly valuable assets.

More about Tiger Testing

GSM Telephone Evaluation

mobile phone security test

QCC Global has a dedicated gsm telephone forensics unit offering an exclusive service to clients who are worried that their personal mobile phones are being secretly monitored.

Many spy shops and on line surveillance equipment suppliers offer software packages that monitor mobile phone conversations and text messages by an unauthorised agent. These phone bugging software packages are very difficult to detect without specialist equipment and knowledge.

Our Mobile Phone Forensics Service

Permanent Bug Detection

QCC Global now offers a complete solution to large clients with the highest level anti-bugging requirements.

If your organisation requires a higher level of security than that afforded by regular manual TSCM sweeps, then talk to us about our newly developed systems or 'permanent, always-on radio and GSM bug detectors.'

More about our Permanent Bug Detection Solution

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