QCC leverages its many years of worldwide TSCM and security operations (since 1998) to deliver the best and most experienced counter eavesdropping and security training available. TSCM Training services are designed and suited to our client’s needs.

Our training packages range from threat briefings and Counter Eavesdropping awareness seminars for personnel concerned in the commissioning of TSCM services, right through to the delivery of technical training on all aspects of TSCM service delivery from planning, on-site conduct, equipment operation, theory and operational reporting and completion. This training is available to qualifying entities.

QCC can also supply specialist training in reaction to Physical Penetration Testing aimed at educating personnel about social engineering and other physical security breaches:

Counter Eavesdropping & Cyber Security Threat Briefings

QCC regularly delivers threat briefings to Senior Managers ,CEO’s, CFO’s and other senior personnel. The sessions are designed to help senior managers and executives to fully understand the current threat from Cyber and TSCM based threats. We include high risk country information and practical advice for travelling executives with regard to personal safety, information security and secure communications.

The briefings can be tailored to suit the individual clients needs and uses real world examples, drawing on QCC’s many years of experience globally.

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Technical Surveillance awareness seminars for corporate security personnel.

QCC delivers awareness briefings for security and senior staff to inform them of the TSCM threat and process of commissioning a professional counter surveillance provider.

These sessions are aimed at the education of personnel knowingly concerned in the commissioning and overview of counter eavesdropping services. Our approach is that senior security mangers and board level executives should be fully briefed of the TSCM threat and correct process of countermeasures that may be required.

Our briefings cut through the “smoke and mirrors” associated with TSCM services, giving the real information that is required by senior staff to fully understand the problem and the correct way to deal with that problem. We use actual devices and real world examples of technical attacks to educate the course attendees.

TSCM Equipment Operation Training

QCC are not tied to any specific manufacturer and supplier and as such we can supply training on the operation of many types of TSCM equipment. Our vast experience in the TSCM market since 1998 allows us to train operators in confidence. QCC utilises our own Central London facility combined with off-site live training environments. We can also use partner training venues to deliver TSCM equipment training.

We also provide training in the operator’s country as we believe TSCM operators should be trained in their own environments. This enables in-depth knowledge of the local radio frequency spectrum and cellular frequencies and services.

QCC can supply training in the following equipment areas:

  • Radio Frequency Examination (Near Field-Far Field)
  • Spectrum Analyser Operation.
  • Cellular Device Detection and Location (SearchLight Plus)**
  • Telephone and Structured Cabling Testing.
  • WiFi- Bluetooth- DECT Device detection
  • NLJD-TSCM Thermography- Forensic Lighting
  • Covert Camera and Lens Detection
  • X-Ray and other Search Tools

We can also supply specialist training on other systems and capability training for active TSCM operators needing to be bought “up to date”.

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TSCM Operational Training

QCC can provide training to qualifying entities in TSCM (counter eavesdropping) operations. This training includes everything that is required in the planning, execution, and post-operational phases.  This includes conduct on target, procedures and processes to use during TSCM operations, methodology and all operational aspects required to complete successful technical counter surveillance inspections.

The ability to operate TSCM equipment is only one part of the process. The knowledge of how the equipment performs, and should be operated, and in what order, is vital for a successful operation. TSCM operatives not familiar with the correct methodology will be far less effective and may jeopardise the detection and location of eavesdropping and surveillance threats.

QCC delivers this training to Government, Military, Law Enforcement and CNI clients only.

Physical Search Training

Successful counter- eavesdropping surveys will include a very thorough Physical Search of the target areas. QCC can deliver comprehensive Physical Search training for security staff. This training is aimed at close protection and in-house security teams who require the ability to perform limited physical searches of target areas.

The course includes the use of electronic search aids, such as Non Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD), Thermal Imaging Cameras, Forensic Lighting and physical search tools. This training is delivered using classroom based sessions coupled with live training environments where devices and attacks have been deployed.

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Digital Forensics Briefings and Awareness Courses

QCC has a fully operational digital forensic laboratory in Central London. We can supply awareness training and briefings for clients who have a need to use and understand digital forensic services.

With both businesses and individuals fully dependent on information and communication in order to operate successfully, the requirement for digital forensics, to be an essential service when incidents arise, is paramount.

Modern storage and communication devices have rapidly embraced solid state technology, thereby greatly reducing the time period available to ensure the discovery and recovery of data. This is often vital to the owner.  Due to this, swift and accurate response is mandatory if the incident is to be addressed and investigated with minimum impact on time and cost.

Computers, data and communication devices are extremely complex systems which demand the highest level of expertise if a solution is to be sought and implemented. If the situation is not dealt with correctly at the outset then this could have severe repercussions at a later stage. Meaning that the solution will be more expensive, the loss will be greater, the ‘truth’ may not be realised in full and the persons responsible may not be identified.

QCC Global have a distinguished digital forensic service and team that can offer briefings and overview, at all levels.  This ensures that not only are you better prepared to deal with the challenge,  but that you fully understand the likely negative impacts of trying to deal with a data or communication incident in house. Problems often arise when staff initiate an incident investigation without addressing the digital forensic requirement at the outset.

SearchLight Plus & Cellular Threat Detection Training

QCC are globally recognised as leaders in the field on Cellular Threat Detection. Since the development and launch of our Searchlight and SearchLight Plus system, QCC Global has been global leaders in this field. Cellular threats are the fastest growing and most prevalent surveillance threat in use today.

QCC runs operator and methodology training courses for operators of our SearchLight and Searchlight Plus systems to give operators the skills to Detect, Identify and Locate cellular threats using our systems. This has now become the most important part of any counter eavesdropping operation.

QCC supplies this training in our central London office or any client location globally. It is often more advantageous to conduct training in the clients country as working on the host cellular networks is the most effective option.

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Specialist Staff Training for Physical Penetration and Social Engineering Testing

QCC conducts Physical Penetration Testing services to worldwide clients. Often the outcome of these operations highlights security issues within the client site. In addition social engineering is often used to gain access to the client premises. These operations will highlight issues that need to be addressed in order to reduce the risk profile of the client site.

QCC can as a direct result of the testing process or as an independently commissioned service, write bespoke courses that can be delivered to client staff. The courses are focussed on receptionists, front of house staff and security personnel, arming them with the tools to counter the threat from unauthorised or malicious access.

QCC also delivers training to client staff regarding travel risks, high risk countries and security posture training for special events and high profile company activity.

In summary QCC Global can supply a wide range of training packages at global locations in the above areas of interest. However we have the flexibility to look at any security related training project that is required. Call for more information or Contact Us.