December 20th, 2023|
  • Chinese Espionage

Chinese spies operated a far-right Belgian politician, Frank Creyelman, for over three years, aiming to influence European discussions on issues like Hong Kong and Uyghur persecution. Daniel Woo, an officer in China’s Ministry of State Security, directed Creyelman to sow discord and manipulate opinions. The covert operation sought …read more

Ex-Diplomat Victor Manuel Rocha Arrested as Cuban Spy After 40-Year Infiltration

December 18th, 2023|

Former US diplomat Victor Manuel Rocha, a national security council member in the 1990s, faced charges of covertly working as a Cuban government agent for over 40 years. Arrested in Miami, the FBI’s lengthy investigation revealed his alleged federal crimes, marking a profound infiltration of the US government …read more

Ukrainian Military Chief’s Spouse Poisoning Raises Security Concerns

December 15th, 2023|

The spouse of the Ukrainian military intelligence head is in the hospital due to suspected heavy metal poisoning. Marianna Budanova, married to Lt General Kyrylo Budanov, has survived multiple past assassination attempts. The agency has been actively conducting covert operations against Russian forces since the conflict began in …read more

Obsessive Eavesdropping: Unveiling a Tragic Attack in Court

December 8th, 2023|

Sheldon Rodrigues, 30, allegedly used secret surveillance devices to spy on his housemate, Stephanie Hansen, before fatally attacking her, the court heard. Obsessed with Hansen, he sought to disrupt her relationships and bugged their shared home, eavesdropping for hours before the attack. Rodrigues, angry about Hansen’s new boyfriend, …read more

Sellafield Cyber Breaches by Russian and Chinese Groups Prompt Urgent Security Concerns

December 5th, 2023|

A series of cyber breaches has occurred at Sellafield, the UK’s highly hazardous nuclear site, linked to Russian and Chinese cyber groups. Senior staff allegedly covered up the breaches, dating as far back as 2015, when sleeper malware infiltrated the site’s IT systems. The full extent of compromised …read more

MI5 Chief Exposes Alarming Chinese Espionage Surge in the UK

November 6th, 2023|

The head of MI5, Ken McCallum, has revealed the alarming extent of Chinese espionage in the UK. More than 20,000 people in the UK have been secretly approached by Chinese spies online, marking a significant increase. McCallum issued this warning during a historic meeting of the Five Eyes …read more

Cyberattacks Expose Weaknesses in Casino Security Measures

October 2nd, 2023|

MGM Resorts has successfully ended a 10-day computer shutdown following a cyberattack aimed at safeguarding sensitive data, including hotel reservations and credit card processing. The Las Vegas-based company announced the resolution on Twitter after detecting the attack on September 10th. Rival casino owner Caesars Entertainment also reported a …read more

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan caught on camera in foul mouthed rant.

September 14th, 2023|

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan was caught on camera criticizing the government’s handling of the concrete crisis. In a video by ITV News, Keegan, still mic’d up, expressed frustration, questioning if anyone acknowledged their efforts in addressing reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac) concerns. She lamented, “Does anyone ever say, …read more

Global Operation Takes Down Qakbot Ransomware Network

September 1st, 2023|

In a significant victory against cybercrime, a collaborative effort led by the FBI, NCA, and European agencies has successfully dismantled the notorious Qakbot hacking network. This malware, spread through phishing emails, infected an astounding 700,000 computers globally over a decade. The operation not only eradicated the malware but …read more

Affordable Radio Hack Causes Disruption in Poland’s Railway Network

August 30th, 2023|

The disruption of over 20 trains in Poland, seemingly in support of Russia, was executed using a basic “radio-stop” command that could be transmitted with just $30 worth of equipment. Unlike sophisticated cyberattacks that have targeted Ukrainian networks, this sabotage targeted Poland’s railway system by sending simple radio …read more