BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can be a great asset to a business but if it’s not implemented correctly, it can present an abundance of security issues.

When implementing BYOD, security can be a challenge so it’s important to be prepared and have robust policies in place. It can be difficult to exercise a form of control over personal devices, but not having to invest in devices for each employee, can prove to be an invaluable benefit to most businesses.

A thorough BYOD policy should be a bi-directional agreement between the company and employee, providing clear guidance on acceptable usage and device security control. The policy should inform the employee of how much control the company has over their device, as altering or wiping the device may be required should it become lost or stolen.

Implementing BYOD can result in extra strain on IT support due to increased variables; instead of supporting a specific company issued device, support may be required for a multitude of devices as it will depend on which device the employee has chosen to use.

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