According to a survey unveiled by BlackBerry at CES 2019, when looking for smart devices, consumers consider security the key determining factor when making a purchase decision. A huge 80% of participants admitted that they didn’t trust their current IoT (Internet of Things) devices to preserve the integrity of their data.

With the rise of ‘smart’ IoT Devices such as TVs, security cameras, smart speakers and even thermostats, the survey highlights a widespread uncertainty from consumers around the security of these devices.

When considering future purchases, consumers stated that they would be more inclined to purchase a product made by a company with a strong reputation for data security and privacy. 58% of people also said that they would pay as much as 20% more for an IoT product that was more secure.

By 2025 the Internet of Things Security market is expected to reach $9.88 billion, so alongside the survey, BlackBerry unveiled three products engineered to keep IoT devices safe from hackers; BlackBerry Secure Enablement, Foundations and Enterprise Feature Pack.

These BlackBerry Secure Feature Packs provide device manufacturers with a framework to securely develop their smart products, from fitness trackers to smart speakers, with less emphasis on developing cyber-security internally. Once the products have been developed, BlackBerry’s team of cyber-security experts review each product to guarantee they reach BlackBerry’s standards. Only after passing this process, will the BlackBerry secure ‘stamp of approval’ be granted, and the product will officially be BlackBerry Secure.

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